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Nicole Krauss: A Literary Conversation

April 8, 2019


Nicole Krauss, the author of four novels exploring Jewish themes, visited Northwestern on April 8, 2019 for an onstage interview with Professor Claire Sufrin. The conversation began with Krauss reading from her book Forest Dark (2017), which features two very different characters seeking answers during extended stays at the Tel Aviv Hilton. Krauss reflected on the twin pull of newness and of history that she finds in Tel Aviv and how that pull draws her characters as well. Franz Kafka plays an important role in the novel as well, and Krauss described how an Israeli court case about his papers influenced her as she wrote. The conversation extended to the spiritual pull of all great art and literature and Krauss’ sense of indebtedness to the authors she describes as being “like family.”

 Event Video:  Nicole Krauss: A Literary Conversation




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