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Maayan Hilel

Postdoctoral Fellow in Israel Studies

Ph.D Tel Aviv University
Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Maayan Hilel is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Crown Center for Jewish and Israel studies at Northwestern University. She is a historian of the modern Middle East specializing in the cultural and social history of Mandatory Eretz Israel/Palestine. Her Ph.D. dissertation (Tel Aviv University) Cultural Transformation in Palestinian-Arab Society, 1918– 1948: Haifa as a Case-Study, won the runner-up Dissertation Award 2018 for The Middle East and Islamic Association of Israel (MEISAI). Focusing on aspects of culture and leisure, this study analyzed social, gender and cultural aspects in everyday life of various social groups, such as children, women, men, workers, and villagers, who played active roles in processes of cultural production and consumption. Relying on this angle, the study explored the intense interactions existed between Arab and Jewish communities, shedding new light on patterns of close encounter, connection, coexistence and cooperation. In her new research project, Dr. Hilel focuses on the history of children and childhood in Eretz Israel/Palestine, employing a comparative approach in examining both Jewish and Arab societies. Before joining the Crown Family Center, she was teaching in the department of History at the Univeristy of Limerick, Ireland. Alongside her academic pursuits, Dr. Hilel also specializes in guiding bi-national groups on issues of conflict resolution, human rights and gender empowerment.
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